Animal Behavior Challenges


If you are having a problem with your animal it is possible that you are not recognizing his or her job.  Each animal incarnates with a purpose.  Purposes vary greatly.  I have spoken to animals who came TO BE.  Others come to perform a task such as healer, therapist, listener, or bone catcher.  A vast majority of domestic animals come in service to their people.  These animals are intimately involved with lessons you are yearning to learn: to be unconditionally happy, to have a child-hearted spirit, to be tenacious, or to be compassionate, for example.  Some animals take on peoples’ diseases so that their people suffer less.  I have yet to find an animal who is unaware of his or her purpose or who resists his/her purpose.


When a person does not recognize their animal’s purpose the animal suffers.  Remember what it is like for you when you do something from purity and devotion and you are misunderstood.  Remember what it is like for you when you follow a heart-driven urge and others fail to understand or recognize the value of you are doing.


Try to see though your animal friend’s eyes.  What is she or he aiming to accomplish? Notice how she or he eager to please you! Animals may do things in your best interest that seem annoying when you are not following your highest guidance.  An animal who demands your attention when you are trying to “work” may be recognizing that your spirit is yearning for more play while your mind is forcing you to “work.”  When I took to sleeping in later than necessary and ended up feeling groggy throughout the day, my cat took to pouncing on my face each morning.  Luckily I understood his motives, had a great laugh and got up earlier.  If I had been only thinking of myself and not trying to understand him with my heart, I would have found his actions annoying.


Next time you experience a “behavior problem” with your beloved animal friend, look more deeply at the situation.  Imagine what his or her job might be, acknowledge his or her devotion in performing that job, and thank him or her for relentless dedication.


Dr. Laurie Moore

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